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Data, engineered around you.

To solve complex data engineering requirements…


…without the need for code…


we built Data Pipelines.

Data Pipelines is your friendly, no-code data pipeline builder, which is built on Apache Spark. Boasting powerful inbuilt automation, SQL tools and a wide-variety of third-party connectors supporting integrations with the likes of  AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and many more; Data Pipelines will help you swiftly gather, process and better understand any data in your business.


To learn more about the platform and explore it yourself for free – simply visit

Looking for something custom to you?


We implement custom data pipelines of any complexity too.

We can connect, transform and automate the delivery of any type of data so you can focus on the insights. We work with all types of databases, data lakes, file stores, a wide range of APIs and virtually any other type of data stores you may be using.


During the development of your pipeline, you don’t have to be involved in making any technical decisions at all, unless you want to be. We will suggest the best and most cost-efficient solution based on your specific use case. Most of our solutions are powered by Apache Spark so you will never have to worry about the amount of data that needs processing. Your pipelines can be deployed in a variety of environments including Amazon EMR, Databricks or your datacenter.

Apache Spark Consulting

Apache Spark is an open-source analytics engine for large-scale data processing. We have a wealth of experience planning, developing and deploying Apache Spark applications.

On-premise or cloud


Spark Streaming

Integration with other technologies

Bespoke Spark application implementation

Cluster provisioning and maintenance

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